Company profile

Promat Vsetín a. s. offer comprehensive services in the field of development and production of single-purpose machines and production lines.

  • The company has a constructional department which focuses on the implementation on 3D - CAD system.
  • The production constructional park is designed for piece and small series production with conventional and CNC technology.
  • Vsetín and its close neighbourhood is recognized as a traditional engineering area with an option of extensive and quality cooperation.
  • The Company employs 70 employees.
  • Machine deliveries for the motor industry
  • Business activities are divided into 60 % domestic market and 40 % foreign markets.

The field of specialization in which the single-purpose machines are available:

  • Machining
  • Forming
  • Assembly and inspection automats
  • Inspection machines with CCD camera technology
  • Munitions machines; machines for explosive environments

We also provide:

  • Production and assembly of machines in compliance with customer supplied documentation
  • Accurate piece and small series parts production
  • Production of samples